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About Us

Allow us to introduce Armada

We offer dynamic human capital management solutions engineered to ensure success through understanding unique needs, harnessing fresh talent and enhancing performance.

We are a team of experts that provide leading talent management solutions. We provide solutions of exceptional quality, cost effectively and on time. Our solutions are purpose engineered to suit the unique needs of our business partners and ensure their success.

As an organization that is all about people, we know there is a difference between personality and capability. We know that meeting one-on-one is often the best way to connect – so think about Armada, not as a group or a company but as one.

We have a unique and competitive advantage for engineering solutions that consider the entire employee life cycle. Where other organizations focus on just one piece, our solutions are engineered to ensure success, by bringing all the pieces together in a bigger picture – that works harder for the business.


Job Board


Our recruiting process is supported by a robust applicant tracking system, that allows us to leverage social networks to find the best talent out there faster, and more affordable. Whether you are looking for work or looking for a candidate, Armada Careers is the perfect platform for you to begin your search.

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Whether you are looking for a single solution or a broader workforce solution, we have the products and tools you need to realize the promise of a Smarter Workforce including:

Sourcing and Recruiting

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Solutions to help you recruit quality candidates.

Assessments to help you predict performance by measuring capacity and culture fit.


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Tools to transform new hires into engaged and productive employees.

Compensation and Rewards

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That help you build compensation programs to invest wisely in people.

Employee Engagement

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Solutions that help you translate employee feedback into business performance.

Learning Solutions

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To foster collaboration, networking and sharing within your company.

Workforce Performance Management

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To manage talent and maximize performance